REVIEW: Sacred Obsession by Becky Tirabassi

sacredobsession_tirabassi2What you chase after, you become.” This is the basic message of this book. The first bit of the book talks a lot about ‘unholy passions’ ~ those things that we chase after to try to feel that ‘high’, and fill up our empty places. But the fact is, only God can fill those places, and only chasing after Him will provide us with that true ‘high’ we seek.

The next part of the book is a collection of essays about the author’s speaking engagements, and how she has tried to bring / encourage personal revival to/in people across the country by reminding them of the “sacred obsession“. Her three-point focus is “to be sold out to prayer; to be set apart in purity; and to be sent out with a purpose“. This is what her “Burning Hearts” ministry is all about.

In the back part of the book, Becky talks about how prayer is the very essence of power in a believer’s life — the only way to stay “obsessed with the sacred” is to remain connected to God through daily prayer. She encourages readers to take up the habit of “one hour of prayer a day“.

Overall, this book wasn’t exactly what I expected. I’d thought I’d find more about how to build up a passion for God, and how to chase after the ‘sacred’. But, I didn’t really get that out of this book. Maybe I just wasn’t reading it at the right point in my life. Or, maybe it was something else.

It’s not that this was a bad book — in fact, I quite enjoyed most of it! I especially liked the first part about “unholy passions”. I got the most out of that section.

Either way, I’d still recommend this. It’s a short book, and has some really good points. 😉

Rated: B-

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