REVIEW: “Fixing Abraham” by Chris Tiegreen

fixingabraham_tiegreen1Genre: Christian Living

This was a great book about how we often have expectations of how Christians should act, or what they should believe, when in fact God is not confined to our expectations or rules.

To quote from the book: (p.177) “If we cling stubbornly to evangelical culture and traditions as we know them, treating them as sacred rather than as simply helpful, we’ll miss Him.

There’s some really good stuff in this book! I really enjoyed reading it! 😉

Rated: B+

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  1. I read a preview of this book in the In Touch magazine, August 2009. His book has many of the thoughts that I have been thinking and talking about for the past few years. I am glad that he has the courage to write something that the mainstream Christians may be offended by. Jesus offended some people by the truths He shared, too. I will be buying this book very soon!

  2. I have just bought this book and I am already half-way through. It’s certainly worth reading. The issues raised are thought-provoking and Chris provides answers that will resolve the doubts, questions and assumptions that you might have about God.

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