Please note: The review for “The Resolution for Women” by Priscilla Shirer was written by MizB. The reviews for the other two books — “Courageous Living” by Michael Catt and “The Resolution for Men” by Randy Alcorn with Stephen Kendrick — were written by MizB’s mom, “OakMag“.

The Resolution for Women” by Priscilla Shirer

This is such a fantastic book, and so timely for this time of year, too! With “resolutions” on my mind, this book helped me to flesh out some other ideas of ways I can make 2012 one of the best years, yet! It has “resolutions” for your marriage, for your parenting, for singleness, for forgiveness, for integrity, and many other aspects of life.

I especially liked the chapter on Loving Your Children, as it was convicting and also had some interesting ideas that I’d like to implement.

I also found a verse, inside, that spoke to me in a new way, and that I think will be very helpful to me in this new year!

Overall, I’d highly recommend this book. I plan to reread this again, at some point, as it’s a good point of reference for how I’d like to live out my life of faith. [ ~ Review by MizB]

Courageous Living: Dare To Take A Stand” by Michael Catt

Bravo to Michael Catt on this no-holds-barred book! He sounds the clarion call to all men, women, and young people to stand up, be courageous, and live life the way Christ has called us to live — with bold faith, that does not back down when faced with adversity, criticism, challenges, or persecution.

By referencing strong and courageous Old and New Testament heroes of faith, the author challenges us to follow their examples, and make an impact in our world. He quotes a journalist who wrote, “We live in an age of spiritually timid and lackluster men, for whom the very concept of bold leadership is anathema.” Michael goes on to say that God is looking for men and women that “He can trust with great responsibilities” and that our current generation is in a battle that will be won by the world, if we as parents, and leaders do not step up, and model Godly virtues for them, now. Christianity has become luke-warm, and Christians are the “only believers on the planet who are afraid to stand up for what they believe.” We cannot afford to compromise, at this high price!

We need to light the fire again — the fire for holiness, truth, and an unapologetic faith. We have become a materialistic society, with a “watered-down gospel, and a compromised church.” We desperately need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to strengthen us to wage war against the thinking of this age, and dare to stand up and take responsibility for this generation and the ones to follow.

We need to be prepared, and this strength and courage can only come from God — by spending time alone with Him through reading His word, and prayer, and then refusing to live life on our own terms, but by surrendering ourselves totally to God’s will. It takes courage to make that decision, but the rewards are eternal. This book will challenge you, and will not let you go, without making a decision — as the author has spoken, DARE TO TAKE THAT STAND! [~ Review by OakMag/MizB’s mom]

“The Resolution for Men” by Stephen & Alex Kendrick with Randy Alcorn

If Christian men read only one book aside from the Bible, it should be this one!

I believe this amazing book is THE MANUAL (just like the required manual for every car) for every man, young to old, single or married, that will explain how to ‘do life’ God’s way.

So much wisdom is packed into every chapter, that it cannot and should not be read quickly, but must be digested slowly, and with extreme attention paid to every concept.

However, as the authors warn in the introduction, it is not for the faint of heart, and will most likely make men “feel overwhelmed by a sense of inadequacy“, but to encourage you at the same time, the challenge to read it then becomes the hook/or the dare, and what man can overlook a dare? And an inspiring adventure awaits, so please do not be afraid to read it! It is so well written, and easy to understand, that I could hear myself being cheered on to get to the end, where I was imagining myself passing under an honor guard of godly men with their swords of truth raised high in victory as I came to the ‘finish lines.’

These authors have covered all the bases for men, from the age they should be considered ‘men’ at the Biblical age of twenty, taking on their full responsibilities for themselves, learning how to conduct their lives wisely, and making Godly choices. Also included are valuable insights on leading and loving their wives and families, blessing their children, learning to walk in integrity, with honor, pursuing peace and justice. It instructs one how to reconcile his past, and how to break the chains of historical sin. If all of these concepts are followed, we truly will have a whole generation of courageous men, who will not be ashamed to stand up for their families, leading them into God’s truth, and impacting their world, one family at a time, until the churches become full of Godly men, women and children, and God will be exalted and glorified as a result of the great transformation that will take place.

I will be buying copies of this book for my sons, and grandsons, and will urge my church and every man I meet to buy and keep a copy of this book for his personal library.

It is one small book but it contains a vast amount of Godly wisdom and is the most comprehensive book I have ever read on such a topic.

Thank you to the authors for their hard work, their dedication to excellence, and their obedience to the Holy Spirit’s prompting in writing such a timely and awe-inspiring volume of pure gold. Praise God for it, and may this book be the start of a new awakening for men everywhere.
[~ Review by OakMag/MizB’s mom]

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