REVIEW: “TEN: How Would You Rate Your Life?” by Terry A. Smith

This book was a bit different than I expected, but still a decent read.

It talks about creating and living your “preferred” life — one in which you feel fulfilled, and where you are enjoying the “abundant life” that God promised (John 10:10).

Parts of this book strongly reminded me of Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret“, yet without all of the hooey, “it’ll magically happen if you wish it” stuff. Smith is cautious to remind the reader that your preferred future won’t just happen to you… you still have to take action and help it come to pass.

There were times — especially in the first half of the book — where I felt uncomfortable with something of the theology. Little ‘red flags’ were going up, but I haven’t yet been able to put my finger on exactly what was bothering me.

I liked that the author encourages you to seek out the dreams God has put in your heart, and then take the necessary steps to see those dreams come true. Mr. Smith reminds us that, while we may not see answers or results immediately, we can rest assured that, if the dreams are indeed ones given to us by God, He will make sure they happen, given that we are willing to take action toward helping them become real — moving them from God-inspired ideas to physical realities in our lives.

The second half of the book talks, at length, about leadership, and I found this part to be very well done and insightful.

Overall, I found this book to be infused with a sense of hope, energy, and possibility. That’s what I liked about it, best of all.

I’d recommend this one, especially to anyone who needs an uplift in their spirits regarding their present or future realities.

[Thank you to The B&B Media Group for the complimentary review copy.]

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  1. Sounds pretty good. Lately, I have stayed away from Christian oriented books of the self-help nature because they often don’t seem to have tangible advice. This one seems to be different than the norm. Good review. Thanks, I’ll check it out.

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