REVIEW: “So Much More Than Sexy” by Mark Atteberry

A short, quick read that I finished in 3 hours.
Mark details, for us women, why it’s important to pursue being godly instead of being sexy. He reminds us that we need to be counter to the culture — to stand out, and be different. He also shows us that inner beauty is still more important that outward beauty, though he doesn’t say we shouldn’t try to look good. He just says we shouldn’t put so much importance on the outward appearances.
Good stuff.
Just as a side note… My absolute favorite part of this book was where Mark encouraged women to take up reading, as a way to help their brain, and then absolutely gushed about his love of books and reading… I was drooling! I think I may just write him an email, today, and tell him how much I loved finding a kindred spirit! 😛

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