REVIEW: “Character Is the Key” by Sara Dimerman

Based loosely around the ‘Character Matters‘ program that is implemented in schools, this book teaches how parents can be a valuable addition to the program by modeling the ten key character traits (plus some of their own additions) at home. Those traits are Responsibility, Respect, Optimism, Fairness, Courage, Honesty, Initiative, Perseverance, Empathy, and Integrity.

I loved the first part of this book, where it talks about modeling character at home. But, when they got to the part about having Family Meetings (one a week for 4 weeks, then one a month focusing on 1 trait per month, thereafter), they lost me. I don’t think that family meetings would go over well in my house. Not to mention, I have a personal aversion to these meetings as I grew up with something of the sort, and have a bias against them. 😕

Regardless, I think the basic idea of this book is a good one. I think modeling character for our kids — instead of insisting they be more honest, or more responsible and punishing them otherwise — is a much more realistic and effective approach. Ms. Dimerman seems very wise, and I loved that her faith (though never really mentioned) shines through in the way she writes.

See for more.

Rated: B-

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