REVIEW: “Preparing Your Son For Every Man’s Battle” by Fred Stoeker

This book is aimed mostly at fathers, but it also says that single moms can read it, and get use out of it, too. Being neither, I still felt it was important for me to read this book, given that I’m the Christian “leader” in my own home (my husband doesn’t share my faith).

And, it was definitely an eye-opening read! There are so many things about the male brain that I didn’t understand before! I see, now, how I went wrong in my own teen years! 😕

Anyway. This book is broken into two sections: The first one is to be read by the parent, in order to prepare him/her to talk with their son about sex and sexuality. The second half is for your son to read, and for you to discuss with him. It is somewhat graphic, but not so much so that it will harm him.

The half of the book that your son is to read is also broken into two different sections… the first being for 11-13 year olds who are just about to enter puberty, and need a beginner’s education. The other is for 13-15 year old boys who have already gone through puberty and need a deeper understanding of what God says about sex and sexuality.

My favorite part of this book, as a whole, was that it encourages parents to “do book” with their child — pick a book (maybe this one), and sit and read it together… then discuss what you’ve read, and share your own stories with your child in order for them to build a relationship with you. As it’s been said, “Rules without relationship equals rebellion“. I see how this can be true from past experience, and I want to be sure to avoid that with my own children.

I definitely recommend this book to any parents who haven’t yet had “the talk” with their kids. I haven’t, but I’m no longer as terrified to do so as I once was. I think this book is going to do the “hard part” for me — of getting that information “out there” — and then letting me use it as a jumping-off place to get the discussions started.

Wish me luck! LOL 😛

Rated: B+

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