REVIEW: “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen sets out to try to increase her happiness level over the course of one year, by following through on a set of resolutions that she’s set for herself, and by letting herself be guided by her “Twelve Commandments“. The result is both encouraging and enlightening.

I loved how Gretchen wasn’t afraid to include parts in her book about her own failings and shortcomings — she shares about her bad days and moments, as well as her good ones. And, I love that I found in her a sort of kindred spirit — we both are prone to note-taking for no apparent reason, and have an obsession with finding just the right pen to write with. 😉

This book has inspired me to think about doing my own “happiness project”… but, whether I’ll actually make it through a full year or not is yet to be seen. Maybe I’ll start smaller. 😉

Definitely recommended.

Rated: B+

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  1. Great review, Twelve Commandments?? Seems like a lot of rules. I bet the book is good. I have a thing for the right pen too.

  2. I just started this book last night. I can’t wait to get more into it. I already feel I’m also a kindred spirit with Gretchen. And my husband teases me about my pen fetish. I have about 14 of them in my purse (and a ton more in my home office).

  3. I saw the nice review of my book, The Happiness Project, here! I very much appreciate those kind words and you shinning a spotlight on my work!! Thanks and best wishes,

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