REVIEW: “No More Christian Nice Girl” by Paul Coughlin & J.Degler

This is a short book, but an informative one, on how to switch from being a “nice” girl to a “good” woman of God. Nice girls are often cowardly and non-confrontational, while Good women will speak the truth in love and not let others take advantage of them.

Each chapter features a short “story” snippet of the life of fictional “Christian Nice Girl“, Nicole, and how she is changing into a “Good” woman through her reading of “No More Christian Nice Girl“, and by putting what she reads into practice. There are also study questions at the end of each chapter, for further reflection.

Chapter topics deal with life scenarios such as family, dating, work, marriage, s-x, and abusive relationships. There’s a chapter that gives examples of women in the Bible who were “good” instead of just “nice”. And, the book is filled with examples of how Jesus, Himself, was “good” but not “nice”.

I didn’t find the book to be overly preachy, either. It’s just a short, practical book that has you feeling more confident by the time you turn the last page.

[This book was received via’s Early Reviewers program]

4 Replies to “REVIEW: “No More Christian Nice Girl” by Paul Coughlin & J.Degler”

  1. Awesome book. Very eye opening food for thought inside. I highly recommend it! Jesus is compassionate but He is also assertive!

  2. This is a book that is a must read. I was married for almost 21 yrs. My ex-husband use to call me “doormat”. He told me that was what God wanted me to be.

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