REVIEW: “Dr. Colbert’s ‘I Can Do This’ Diet” by Dr. Don Colbert

While this book often encouraged “mindful eating” — of which I’m a huge fan! — it also highly promoted herbal weight-loss supplements, and recommended giving up all “whites” (flour, sugar, etc). I don’t agree with having to give up anything, unless you have an allergy/sensitivity, or were told by your own physician to do so.

I hated that the author kept promoting his own books and website over and over again. And, I really disliked the push for eating foods “in the right combinations”.

But, the parts about mindful eating — waiting for true, physiological hunger, and watching for your satiety signals, and that sort of thing — were great!

There is a little bit of everything in this book, so it’s not terrible, and I’m sure that it can be really useful to some! I know people who need to stay away from the “whites” as recommended by their doctor, so this might be a book that they can use!

In general, though, this book wasn’t for me.

Rated: C

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