REVIEW: “Scars & Stilettos” by Harmony Dust

Harmony was a victim of sexual abuse from a very young age. Abandoned by her father, and living with an emotionally distant mother, she turns to a boy her age for love and attention. But, as her debt increases, she is forced to find a way to support herself and the boyfriend. So, she takes up stripping. But, God still finds her where she’s at. And, through a series of circumstances, Harmony’s life is redeemed.

I really enjoyed this book — I wasn’t sure I would, but after a slow start, I couldn’t put the book down! 🙂 The book isn’t preachy at all. It’s just a good look at what love can do to change a person’s life for the better.


Rated: B+

[This book was sent to me through FIRST Wild Card Tours]

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  1. Ya know, based solely on the title (I’ve never read anything by the author), I just assumed this would be a more…light-hearted subject…more “chick-lit”-like, ya know? Glad you enjoyed it, tho!

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