REVIEW: “Switch” by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

I loved this book! There were sooooo many stories of people who faced huge, seemingly impossible challenges, had very limited resources, and still — because of clever thinking, and small steps — managed to overcome the odds, and completely change things for the better.

This book is humorous, and yet hugely practical. I can think of three or four different areas of my life where I’m going to try to apply what I’ve learned.

Oh, and that was the other cool thing! Every so often, throughout the book, you’d get a couple of shaded pages called “Clinics“, where the authors give you a scenario, and you have to try to use what you’ve learned to come up with a “fix” for the scenario… they, of course, give you their opinion, but only AFTER… so you get to try your hand at using the tools they’ve provided.

Definitely a book I’d recommend.

Rated: A-

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  1. My first impressions of this book were that the author had hit upon a very valid point of view: It was very easy to relate to the issues raised by the various scenarios described.
    I could learn more practical ways of making changes in my own life as the chapters had examples of exercises that anyone can use.
    It highlights the power of the mind and how it can be influenced in either a positive or a negative way – but how we resist the change if we see it as too much hard work – even if it is unconsiously.
    Overall it is a complelling book and i would recommend it.

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