REVIEW: “So Long, Insecurity” by Beth Moore

Beth has written a great book that shows how we women are not alone in our insecurities.

The first part of the book gives examples of what kinds of things can cause us to be insecure, or where our insecurites could have stemmed from. The middle of the book shares ways that those insecuries play out in our lives. And the end gives some practical ways that we can deal with our insecurities, including those that we have regarding men, and those that center around our interactions with other women.

Recommended. Rated: B

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  1. I am reading this book now and as usual Beth Moore assumes most women are as messed up as she is. As Christians we don’t need advice for insecurity we need the Lord. If you are insecure take your eyes off yourself and focus on Christ. If the cause is physical see a doctor. I am really tired of Beth Moore groupies.

    1. That’s very sad. Beth is a great teacher, and I feel that she speaks what the Lord inspires her to speak.

      Yes, you’re right in that we need to refocus on the Lord to help us be more secure — I agree with you there. But, i also think that a lot of women are more “messed up” than they let on. So, I don’t think it’s wrong for Beth to “assume” that they are.

      Anyhoo… Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry you’re not enjoying the book.

    2. Doylene,

      Are you saying Beth Moore does not offer you one bit of insite about this world we live in as Christian Women? You sure do sound like you know a lot about her as you quoted “and as usual Beth Moore assumes most women are as messed up as she is.” She is annointed by God to deliver us the message… I will admit I’ve been one messed up woman, but through her annointance Beth Moore has revealed to me and so many other women just how messed up we are and allow us not be afraid to admit it… Go ahead Doylene, it’s ok, you can admit it…why else would you have read the book? Did you even read the book because the Lord is clearly speaking through her to deliver us a message…

    3. All of her stuff seems to start sounding the same. There are so many good studies out there by different women. Time to expand and raise the bar.

      1. It’s amazing how critical we can be about someone’s gift when we ourselves are not bold enough to follow our own calling. Beth is just following her path. We can at the very least follow that example and do the same and stop throwing stones.

    4. I was drawn to Beth Moore Bible studies years ago when I did one of hers as my first in depth Bible study. I’ve done many others and keep coming back to hers. Some, like Breaking Free, I’ve gone over and over and God teaches me something new everytime.

      But it was absolutely nothing to do with Beth Moore. It is her true passion for God and for God’s word that drew me and keeps me going back to her studies. Her passion is contagious. She makes God’s truth jump off the pages and get into your heart, if you let it.

      We have to remember that as much as We serve an Almighty God with a perfect plan for our life, we have an enemy who hates us and seeks to destroy us. And our greatest weapon that we have to fight with is the Word of God. So anytime there is someone like Beth that God uses so mightly to teach the truth, Satan is not going to be very happy and he will tear down any way he can; What is often so hard to recognnize is that we tend to see Satan as the big bad wolf out in the world going after those outside the Body of christ. That’s why he’s called the deceiver. He masquarades as an angel of light right in the middle of the Church. He often uses Christians to accomplish his goals. We are warned of this over and over in God’s word about our adversrary. Peter tells us to “be alert and self-controlled” and compares satan to a roaring lion seeking those whom he may devour. Peter wasn’t saying this to heathens, he wrote this to believers. The more we ignore this or stay oblivious, the more satan will succee. I think the criticisms Beth Moore gets, which are far less than her positive reviews are a direct hit from the enemy. He can’t stand how God uses her and he’ll do whatever he can to stop her. There are many teachers out there who put God’s word into their own words, teaching what they see. Beth spends about 2 years researching and preparing prior to releaseing a Bible study. I know of no other teacher who does that. She is so careful to “accurately handle the word of truth” as we are told to do. People critize her too, I think, because she has the courage to be honest about her humanness and this scares many people because it forces them to look at their own and we’d rather not do that. But if Jesus can share His humanity and His pain and suffering, then I think we certainly can. God is a God of truth. The idea that to be a “mature Christian” means to have your act together is a falaciy that is contrived by man. The only thing Paul ever boasted about is his weakness. We are the ones who think we have to look at how “strong” we are. We are given the example of Paul to learn from, as he learned that it was in his weakness that he was strong because then and only then could God’s power be most effective in his life. I am thankful to Beth who can share her struggles and show women where this leads if we will follow, straight to the feet of Jesus. If I never saw how weak and helpless I am on my own, I’d stay blind to how great My God is. I love Beth Moore to death but it has nothing to do with her. What makes her stand out too, is the fact that that is exactly how she’d have it. How many people teach and teach and never have the courage to show their vulnerability and deepest need for God.

    5. To Doylene,

      There must have been something that drew you to the book, but if you’re not going through insecurity it would make sense you don’t feel “as messed up” and wouldn’t relate to the writing. However, I’m sure the book is a blessing and possibly even words of healing to those who have dealt with insecurity. Insecure people don’t usually have their eyes on themselves, that would describe arrogant, over-confident people. I’ve known several people who have profitted much from the teachings of Beth Moore… I wouldn’t call them groupies, but rather people who have found someone God has anointed to speak into their lives. Beth has simply taken issues that afflict others and dove into the word to help them overcome. Reading a book written by a servant of God doesn’t mean we’re not looking to Christ, it’s really not much different than listening to a sermon… it’s just in written form.

      Connie C.

  2. Wow, I just picked up the book and I’m enjoying it…but I too am tired. Tired of the “So Spiritual Christian, til you’re no earthly good Christian” It’s comments like the one above that makes and keep most Women from sharing. The most “Dangerous” person walking Gods good earth is a Christian that “thinks” he or she knows it all, doesn’t need anybody to tell them anything…most often their the ones that hide the best and hurt the most…

  3. I have not read this book but I agree is comment 2 and 3, 1 not so much. I’m going to the simulcast, and super excited to see what God is going to reveal to me through her!

  4. I haven’t signed up yet but before I do, I have one question.

    If I pay $30 to see this simulcast and her suggestions don’t work for me, can I ask for a refund?
    I don’t mean that as a sarcasm. This is a HUGE money spinner for Beth Moore so she needs to honour those who may NOT find her to be helpful.

    Although I find myself agreeing with the first commentary here, women do often flock to hear other women tell them how they, as women, should be feeling but ‘groupies’ is not the best definition for them.However, I agree with what the writer means.

    Surely it is better simply to read the scriptures and allow God’s spirit to be comforting? -after all, a woman is created in His image, just like our male counterparts?

    Women only conferences, bother me for some reason – we need the balance of the men to be there too.

  5. Went to the simulcast on Saturday – it was a blast. I really enjoyed connecting with the women there. I felt a little like the #1 reviewer above when I read about the book. I felt the same way when I took Breaking Free, that maybe only “other women” have these issues. I always take something away though, and I am driven into more Bible literacy, which has helped me through so much.

    1. We had a lil pep rally a month before the simulcast and were encouraged to buy the book and have it read before the simulcast, implying we were going to work thru it. 450 women in my location, never opened the book, we took notes and got great scripture notes, good worship music but, as we all know the book never was used. $25 x a possible 300,000= $7,500,000.000 gross.

  6. I didn’t go to the simulcast and I did not buy the book…this site is the only place I have read any reviews and obvouisly Beth has been a help here.

  7. I am almost done with this book and I find myself having to be careful with “beth worship”- not because she’s so dynamic and captivating (she is but….) but because I’m human and can fail and latch onto the wrong thing.

    That being said, this book is exactly what I needed. If the first reviewer really read the book with an open heart, she’d see that Beth implores you over and over thru the book to SEEK HIM, and it will heal you.

    I am learning just how significant I am to God. That’s something I’ve yearned to be to “someone” for my whole life. I finally feel whole in my relationship with Christ.

    God bless all.


  8. I really think that Beth is great at what she does. God put her there and He is blessing her in this service. We need to be careful not to judge…I haven’t read the book but it sounds like something I need 🙂

  9. I read Beth’s book and I loved it. I’m not a groupie (never heard of her before I bought the book). I am not in danger of Beth worship. I have been a Christian for, hmmm, let’s see, oh boy, thirty-seven years now. I know who my Lord, and Helper and Healer is. But I go to a doctor when I have physical symptoms. I go to a friend when I need a quick pick-me-up. But for something that hits deeper and helped me to get a better grip on myself and life I was grateful for the book. I love to read. And reading a book where another has had the courage to share her heart is a priviege to me. If I write a book like this one day, I’ll remember this site and remember when I read the bad stuff, there’s also good stuff.

  10. November 10, 2010 at 7:30 am | Reply | Quote


    Are you saying Beth Moore does not offer you one bit of insite about this world we live in as Christian Women? You sure do sound like you know a lot about her as you quoted “and as usual Beth Moore assumes most women are as messed up as she is.” She is annointed by God to deliver us the message… I will admit I’ve been one messed up woman, but through her annointance Beth Moore has revealed to me and so many other women just how messed up we are and allow us not be afraid to admit it… Go ahead Doylene, it’s ok, you can admit it…why else would you have read the book? Did you even read the book because the Lord is clearly speaking through her to deliver us a message…

  11. I think we all need to remember why we even entertain the idea of reading any book. I believe that we are all in search of something–whether it be understanding or general help. I agree we should seek God first in and above all things (people) but as we patiently wait for Him to work a miracle in our lives we have annointed people of God to offer us other means of comfort. I myself love Beth Moore and feel her teachings are of God but my trust is not in her but in WHO she represents. Maybe if we can stop try finding something wrong with someone, judging, and take what we read, if we choose to read it, and apply it we may find that the “something” wrong could be in us not the originator. I do not think people who read books by a particular author are groupies but find validity in the teachings. Just as we ask God to lead us to a body of Christ (church) to be feed, we should pray that anything we choose to read, that HE open our eyes, our hearts and our minds to what it is HE is wanting to reveal. God uses people to reach people. God uses people to encourage people –we are not alone. God uses people to draw us closer to Him.

  12. never heard of Beth Moore. My Sister and Aunt felt led to buy this book for me. Here is a little of my background.

    grandaughter of a Pentecostal preacher,grew up in church. Mother died young. My husband and I raised two wonderful children,my career, lot of great friends and a good life. I always felt insecure and that I was blocked” from god and could not fully believe and had so many doubts. Reading this book has touched me. So many of my thoughts and questions were answered in this book.Beth, I will defiantley buy this book for a few friends and family.Thank You! The Chapter on women needing to support each other instead of tearing each other down rocked. This is one discussion I will be having.Taking baby steps but I feel that a new positive me will be great. Keep writing what you feel lead, because it is working.

  13. I picked up the book because of the title…the author was a bonus. We must remember that we all are at different phases in our spiritual walk and supplemental materials are very benefical for some people who are not so well versed in studying only the scriptures. God is pleased that you are seeking Him. I believe that if you pray for discernment and choose authors that He leads you to there is a blessing in store. Whether u are a fan of Beth Moore or not…I believe her studies are God breathed. If it isn’t for you…we can respect that. But please respect that it may be just the type of teaching or advice someone else needed very badly. In the end we all want the same result…for people everywhere to fall madly in love with a man named Jesus. If a woman happens to do that through a book or study by Beth Moore, is that so bad? If that same woman happens to hold the author that led her to Christ in high esteem…is that terrible? If so, I am a bad, terrible woman…who fell absolutely head over heelss in love with Jesus due in part to Beth Moore’s studies…guilty as charged 😉

  14. I just finished this book on audio cd, & it was definitely a blessing. I actually checked it out from my library for free. 🙂 Very happy I spent the time to listen to it, which was time I would have spent driving to & from school anyway.
    It led me to carefully inspect my own thinking process, attitudes & actions, & I appreciated the work Beth did to seek out God’s solutions in the scripture to some very important issues that many women have faced, including myself. It was comforting to know that a woman who appears so beautiful & successful knows where I come from, & knows how to become better – through God & only through God.
    It brought to light my patterns of negative, circular thought, & turned my attitude & self-talk from pointless negativity into productive, positive, prayerful meditation. And last, but not least, it shed light on how self-destructive I have been, even in my walk with Christ, & how destructive my insecurity has been to even the most valuable of my relationships. I am so thankful that I was led to this book, & even after listening to it in its entirety, I plan on buying a copy to have all of the important scriptures & my favorite strengthening & encouraging quotes.

  15. I am kind of sad that someone commented that there are Beth Moore Groupies and that she thinks that everyone has these problems. Especially since she kind of mentions how you might not be able to relate to some of her stories. For me I am in the last week of the book and meet with a small group. I personally think that I am able to relate to a lot of what she said and if I don’t personally then I can relate it to someone I know. Many times I have to stop myself and say focus on you not on others while reading this.

    The whole point of every one of her books is to bring women close to God and to empower them with His word, not hers. I think that if Doylene read the book and that is all she got out of it then it is actually quite sad. I certainly do not feel anyone should put down a person, not just Beth Moore, but any person who uses their testimony to spread The Word. I have truly enjoyed this book thus far and will be working on Breaking Free next, not because it is a Beth Moore book, but because it will bring me closer to His word.

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