REVIEW: “Hungry” by Allen Zadoff

Allen Zadoff used to be 360 pounds. He would hide in his apartment, and he would sneak food. He would eat enough, at one time, to feed three people! But then he had an epiphany… and he got help.
This book is a compilation of short (1-2 page) chapters, with humorous tidbits about gaining & losing weight. Mr. Zadoff doesn’t suggest a diet plan, but just shares what worked for him, in the hopes that you will have inspiration to get thin, too.
He says on page 123, “The principles of this book will be extremely useful to all people struggling with any compulsion around eating.” And, yes, there’s a short bit about anorexia & bulimia in here, too. But, most of the book is about being a food addict… compulsively overeating.
Definitely one that you should check out, if you struggle with food/weight. It’s light-hearted, and quick, but full of wisdom.
Rated: B+

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  1. I always liked the cover of this book. It is so appropriate. It seems like an okay read and your rating of B+ isn’t horrible either.

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