REVIEW: “Thirsty” by Tracey Bateman

Nina has been an alcoholic since early childhood — her dad was the town drunk, and Nina learned from him.
But, drinking has ruined Nina’s life — made her lose her marriage to Hunt, and her kids, Meggie & Adam, made her lose her veterinary practice, and gave her a terrible reputation — so, now she’s determined to sober up.
Nina moves back to her hometown of Abbey Hills, MO to live with her sister, Sheriff Jill Parker, but then has to deal with a strange neighbor named Markus, and an even stranger yoga instructor named Eden.
This book had me from the very first page… I couldn’t put it down. Much as it’s a Christian book, you’d hardly know it. There were maybe two pages of stuff about God, and it wasn’t preachy like some books can be. This was just a good, clean “vampire” story. 😉 ((and, yes, I did say this is a “Christian” vampire book!))
The only thing I didn’t like was that, while most of the book was about the relationship between Nina and her teenage daughter, Megan, the ending didn’t really tie up that aspect… Ms. Bateman showed us what happened with Aunt Jill, and between Nina & Hunt, and what happened to Markus & Eden. But, it didn’t really give a good summary of where Nina & Megan stood. It was too brief. I would’ve liked to hear more about where they stood, 4 months past the story’s denoument/climax.
Otherwise, though, this is a fantastic book, and I’ll be recommending it to many. 😉

Rated: A-

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  1. I just finished this book on the bus this morning and agree with pretty much everything you just said! I loved this book – much more than I thought I would! I do agree with you that because most of the book revolved around Nina and Meg that I’m left wondering where they stand at the end. Maybe that was done on purpose, though, because not everything in life is all wrapped up neatly in a bow, either.

  2. If you’re looking for a vampire/werewolf series that has broader appeal than Thirsty I’d love to suggest my Thirsting for Blood Series. 🙂

    It’s approved for distribution to the Christian market but has appeal to both general market Christian readers as well as readers who favor CBA Christian fiction, the very audience Thirsty was designed to appeal to.

    I will tell you though, my vampires and werewolves are of lore. They have fangs and they drink blood. I suspect my appeal to the CBA Christian market is because affiliated publishers won’t allow their authors to write about such things.

    Enjoyed your review of Thirsty though. Ms. Bateman has read my series and enjoyed them immensely. I wish her well with her market. 🙂

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