REVIEW: “Finding Organic Church” by Frank Viola

FindingOrganicChurch_FrankViola This book is the 4th in a series of books written by Frank Viola. The previous ones were: “The Untold Story of the New Testament Church“; “Pagan Christianity?” (coauthored with George Barna — see my review here!); “From Eternity to Here“; and “Reimagining Church“. The books can be read individually, but they build on each other, too.

This one has four parts: (1) Planting the SeedBiblical Principles for Church Planting, (2) Tilling the GroundAnswers to Questions, (3) Cultivating the SoilPractical Steps for Beginning, and (4) Pulling the WeedsHealth & Development.

Personally, I found the first section to be very textbook-ish, and boring. I know it’s important to know the points that the author is making, and to set the stage for the coming chapters. You have to have a firm foundation to build upon. But, I just couldn’t get past the technical nature of the chapters in this section.

Parts Two through Four, though, were really energizing and interesting. I especially liked part 3, where it gave a detailed description of how the organic church life functions, and some suggestions for how to get it going.

Overall, this book has me inspired. I want to find an organic church in my own area! Definitely check this book out if you are interested in leaving institutional Christianity.

Rated: B-

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