REVIEW: “Pagan Christianity?” by Frank Viola and George Barna

paganchristianity_frankviola_georgebarna The authors’ main points for this book ~ as I saw them ~ were:

1) to get believers to return to the first-century house-church model

2) to move away from individualism and back to corporate worship of God

3) to let Christ lead us, instead of being taught & led by human leaders

4) to help believers be free to grow in their faith, unhampered by our man-made traditions and practices

I agreed with so much of what these authors are trying to get at! But, parts of this book also set off my internal warning bells. Best read with a spirit of discernment, and taken with a grain of salt. Read this, but always keep in mind the authors’ main purpose for writing this book.

Rated: B-

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  1. Yes, I would heartily agree that we should keep Viola’s main purpose in writing the book in mind. It’s to deconstruct the “model” of church as we have it today in order to reconstruct it(in the sequel) according to God’s eternal purpose. It’s to help us see that much of what we call “church” is hindering us from authentic, New Testament body life and the full expression of Christ in His church.

    Barna/Viola’s “Pagan Christianity” wasn’t a stand-alone book. The sequel is called “Reimagining Church”, it’s the constructive part of the discussion. He also has a new book that’s the practical follow-up to both books. It’s called “Finding Organic Church.” Viola’s article “Why I Love the Church” explains the motivation behind all three books.

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