REVIEW: “No Idea” by Greg Garrett


For anyone suffering from chronic depression, this is a book of hope — of one man’s recovery, and of his journey to discover God’s will for his life.
I loved the good advice in this book, and the stories were really powerful. I especially liked the chapter titled “Ecclesia“, which was about gatherings of God’s people, even if that doesn’t include “church” as we know it.
The only thing that bothered me about this book was the fact that several times I thought the author was going to ruin certain books and movies for me… he mentioned a part near the end of “Harry Potter” book #7 (I’ve only read book 1, so far!), and he mentioned something near the end of the movie “Pulp Fiction” (which I’m still unsure of whether/not I want to watch). But, I don’t think he really gave anything away in the end run… I think he just scared me, making me think he was going to! LOL.
Overall, I’d recommend this book. It’s inspiring.
Rated: B+

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