REVIEWS from my 9-yr old!

((the following book reviews are written by my 9-yr old daughter, “MizCrafty“!))

123_DrawDogs_FreddieLevin  123_DrawBabyAnimals_FreddieLevin

“1-2-3 Draw Dogs” by Freddie Levin

…and…  “1-2-3 Draw Baby Animals” by Freddie Levin

At first it took me a long time to draw the details of the pictures. Now I can draw them faster because I’ve been practicing.

I really liked the dog book best. I love dogs. Here is one of the drawings I did from the “1-2-3 Draw Dogs” book:

katies_drawings 001


I copied most of this picture from the book, but kind of changed it a little bit, and added my own parts.

Here is a picture that my brother copied from the “1-2-3 Draw Baby Animals” book:


SirLEGOs_drawings 002


I really liked both of these books, and am glad I have them so that I can draw dogs and baby animals.


A special thank you to Kate Bandos at KSB Promotions for sending us these books!

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