REVIEW: “God*Stories” by Andrew Wilson

GodStories_AndrewWilson In the prologue of this book we’re told that “the point of this book is to convince you that the gospel is amazing.” Well, having read through the stories, I have to think that Mr. Wilson succeeded in what he set out to do. I am convinced. 😉

I really liked how new light was shed, for me, on certain aspects of some well-known Bible stories. I felt such an overwhelming sense of hope after reading some of them.

The short, 2-3 page “chapters” made this book very accessible ~ even on my busiest days I could still pick up the book and read a “story” or two.

Definitely check this book out, especially if your Bible reading seems to have grown somewhat stale. This companion will breathe some new life into it. 😀

Rated: A-


Thank you to Audra at The B&B Media Group for sending me a copy of this book for review!

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