REVIEW: “Hope Unleashed” by Andy Hawthorne

hopeunleashed_hawthorneBack in 1994 I had the priviledge of participating in a youth outreach weekend with Youth Mission International. I was babysitting for my aunt and uncle, who just happened to run that program here.

During the orientation week, the group of youth went into downtown Toronto, Ontario. All of us were split into groups of 3 people, then each group was given a small amount of money. We were then told to go through the streets and find people who we could minister to — take them out for food, or buy them something. My group found two teens who seemed to be living on the street, and we asked them if we could take them to buy them some food. They cautiously agreed, and so we took them for falafels. All through our time with them, you could tell they were torn: part of them was grateful for the kindness we were showing them, but the other part wondered “Why are these complete strangers doing this for us? What do they want in return?” Of course, the leader of our group shared the gospel with these two as well. 😉

This book reminded me so much of that time. There was a passion and an excitement in the pages of this book, and it was/is thoroughly contagious!

The title (“Hope Unleashed“) is very fitting as I often, while reading, felt renewed hope that even I could become passionate about outreach and evangelism (something I’ve always seemed to shy away from, feeling way too inadequate).

Andy’s main focus throughout the book is “to make Jesus known by doing more, doing it together, and doing it with words and actions”. This was a very powerful book.


Rated: B+

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