REVIEW: “One Small Step…” by Robert Maurer

OneSmallStep_RobertMaurerOne Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way

Kaizen” is the Japanese term for small steps, or continuous improvement. This book teaches you how to put it into practice through small thoughts, small actions, small moments, and others. It encourages you that, even if you’ve tried and tried to reach a goal, but always found yourself failing, Kaizen can help you get there by bypassing your brain’s “fear” response. Usually, if we try to tackle a big life change all at once (like completely cutting out a certain food group, for example), it might work for a while, but then we’ll self-sabotage. This is because the big changes have triggered the brain’s subconcious fears which end up hindering you in the long run. So, taking small steps — sometimes so small that they seem ridiculous — is the way to get past that and succeed.
Excellent book! Definitely recommended!
Rated: B+

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