REVIEW: “Offworld” by Robin Parrish

Offworld_RobinParrishWhen Chris, Owen, Trisha, and Terry return from a 2-year trip to Mars, they can’t believe what awaits them back home on Earth: absolutely everyone on the planet has disappeared! Now the crew must figure out what happened, and whether or not they can make it right.

I enjoyed this book very much — Robin is a master of suspense! But, I can’t say that I liked this one as much as I did his previous works (theDominiontrilogy). This one had two or three inconsistencies… instances where you’d read that a character did one thing, but then they seemed to be doing something else. It kept throwing me off. And, the first third of the story was pretty slow-moving, and I began to wonder whether the book was ever going to have anything really exciting happening. Knowing Robin’s former work, I had to figure it’d pick up at some point, so I kept on reading. And, I wasn’t disappointed. The book definitely picked up. But, it just took a little while to do so.

Overall, though, I can’t help but recommend this. As I said, Robin is a real master of suspense, and he really knows how to keep you hanging! The story speeds along, once it gets going, and doesn’t let you off the ride until you reach the end. 😉

People with a passion for the maths and sciences will especially enjoy this one, though –even if that’s not your thing– you can still appreciate this (I did, and those are soooo not my “thing”!) LOL.

Rated: A-

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