REVIEW: “I Heart You, You Haunt Me” by Lisa Schroeder


Ava is a 15 year old girl, grieving the very recent loss of her boyfriend, Jackson. Shortly after his funeral, Ava starts sensing Jackson’s presence in her home, and wonders if she’s going crazy. But, she doesn’t want to leave home if he’s there. Over time, Ava has to learn to venture out again, and go on with life.
A cute story, written in a poetical way — not your typical writing on a page. Therefore, it was a quick read, too.
Rated: B+

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    1. I don’t know — I have no idea what “free verse” is. LOL.

      This one was written so that there were only a couple of words per line, so that, from a distance, it LOOKED like poetry — but it’s not. It’s still just a story.


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