REVIEW: “How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph” by Linda Massey Weddle

raiseamoderndayjoseph_weddleThis is a practical, step-by-step guide for parents on how to instill 5 character traits that are pulled from the Biblical character, Joseph. They are: Respect, Wisdom, Grace, Destiny, and Perspective.

Five age groups are highlighted, from Preschoolers to age 18, and each age group focuses on a different one of the character traits. Suggestions are given for how parents can guide their children in spiritual growth.

Also included is an outline for an itinerary you can make up for your family — a plan that will cover an entire year, and will incorporate the other ideas given in this book.

I found this book to be really accessible, thorough, and informative. I really appreciated that, right in the introduction, the author encourages you not to feel overwhelmed by all that’s included, but to create your own plan based loosely on what’s been presented. Don’t feel you have to have it all down.

Parents who are looking for guidance on how to help their kids grow spiritually will really benefit from this book. And the book may also be good for Sunday School teachers, as there’s a whole section in the back part of the book that’s directed at them. It’s set up in the same format as the section for parents, giving each age group a full chapter, and outlining the best way to go about presenting the material.

Recommended. Rated: B-

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