REVIEW: “Nice Girls Finish Fat” by Karen Koenig

nicegirlsfinishfat_koenigMs. Koenig has written a really interesting book about the possible connection between our being too nice, and our overeating. She tackles each of the main life areas — family, friends, work, etc. — and shows you how to incorporate (better) life skills and self-care strategies to stop being overly nice.

I especially liked the “Grab Your Thinking Cap” questions, as several of them triggered some ideas I don’t think I’d have come up with otherwise.

I can think of many women in my own life who could benefit from this book!


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  1. sounds like a real interesting connection with how we often go overboard doing things for others while ignoring ourselves. Great review.

  2. Hey MizB-
    Could I interest you in this? It starts next week; if you could perhaps mention it, that could help get the word-of-mouth started. 🙂 (Don’t feel like you have to, but if it’s something you’d be interested in…)

    Thanks for your help!

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