REVIEW: “The Creative Habit” by Twyla Tharp


This book is sub-sub-titled “A Practical Guide” and that’s appropriate. Ms. Tharp lists her methods of preparation for living a creative life. She also outlines over 30 exercises you can do that either get yourself moving (in your creative work), or keep you moving.
Mostly, I enjoyed the inspiration I gathered from this book. I feel motivated to refresh my creative life and try out new things.
Ms. Tharp gives you hope that, with hard work, and with lots of practice — and even with some failure! — you can master your craft.
Rated: B-

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    1. Thanks! I picked it up cause the word “creativity” really resonates with me… art (in one form or another) has always been a part of my life — my Dad was a sketch artist for the local police station, my mom’s always had a flair for interior design, my husband’s siblings are artists… etc.

      I, personally, have always loved drawing, doodling, painting, scrapbooking, music, etc… lots of right-brained activities. 😉

      So, that’s why I picked up the book — it sounded right up my alley. And, it was good! 🙂

  1. I am very right-brained, too. I am the most creative type in my family. I love finding new ways to be inspired. I see what was good about the book, what made you give it a B-? Were there not enough ideas, was it boring to read through?

    1. Well, it just wasn’t as lively and interesting as I thought it would be. She did a lot of name-dropping, mostly of people I’m unfamiliar with. I’ve never studied art, and just don’t have that basis to know these people.
      So, yeah… it got a bit tedious in parts. But, overall, I found it enjoyable.

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