REVIEW: “The Seven Faith Tribes” by George Barna

Overall, this book was a treatise on how Americans of all faiths can band together to save their nation from sabotaging itself.

There were seven (7) faith tribes listed and detailed: Casual Christians, Captive Christians, American Jews, Mormons, Muslims, Pantheists, and Spiritual Skeptics. None was made more important than another, and none was made out to be ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’. The author took a very open-minded and relaxed standpoint.

Anyone of any faith (or lack of faith, even) could read this book and find it useful and informative, without necessarily becoming offended, or feeling ‘preached at’. This was not a self-help book, and doesn’t look to convert anyone from one faith to another.

In general, the author pulled twenty (20) basic values that all of the 7 faith tribes share, and says that if we focus on these, we can change the nation for the better, instead of continuing to see it decline.


Rated: B-

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  1. I just saw this guy on Huckabee–not sure he’s got it right. He seems to believe that young people are somewhat(actually a lot) altruist. ? maybe because he is. I’m not that optimistic. Will read the book and report back.

  2. He is right. What else can the young people of today be but atheist???
    Think about it. We are now into the third generation that has been taught in the school systems of America that there is no God! They have been taught that we are just higher function animals that evloved from a big band in the sky and we make out own destiny. The 10 commandments have no meaning…No right or wrong…you decide what is right for you. That is an atheist my friend.

  3. I think it would be helpful to know respondents’ age to provide a cultural context for their remarks. I, too, saw George on Huckabee and his analysis was in line with another commentator I am reading, as well as my own limited observation of the internet generation. I am on the younger end of the “Builder Generation.”

  4. I think Barna’s best book is “Pagan Christianity?” That book rocked my world and it’s changed the lives of all of my friends.

    1. I have not read the book, but did see the author’s discussion on Huckabee’s telecast over the Fourth. One factor not discussed was the fact that the church has shot itself in the foot with all of the sex scandels ( priests, pastors, T.V. evangelists, church leaders, gay leaders, etc.). While something like 80% of Americans believe in a God, church has lost its appeal to a younger generation a la Europe. Contemporary services (Praise and Worship) were once defined as the way that would entice the younger generation to return to the church in an environment more to their liking, but that approach has proven to have worked in about 50% of the churches that tried it.

  5. I saw the author in TCT today. He didn’t do enough research for this book. Two of the groups left are the ‘Messianic Jews’ & the ‘Christian Jews’ (yes, there is a bit of a difference between the 2).
    Not all young people disbelieve in The Almighty. Some of those who still believe just don’t trust the congregations anymore after seeing so much adversity & discovering blatent misinterpretations of scripture that continue to be given. After learning of my Jewish roots I was more than happy to leave the Christian church. I was never really confortable in them & no one (not even the ministers) could give straight honest answers to questions. I found a Messianic Jewish group. Questions and interpretations have been clarified & I am happy & much more at piece. Being God fearing & believing in Yeshua are the key to finding the path one is meant to walk. That walk isn’t exactly the same for all individuals. Presenting complete truth is the way to draw more of the younger generations in. The majority of young people in my family still believe regardless of what they have heard in school & places outside of their homes.

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