REVIEW: “Never Give Up” by Joyce Meyer

nevergiveup_meyerFabulous book! I love books like this, mind you, that encourage you to persevere, no matter what.
This one is laced with stories of people like Alexander Graham Bell, Marie Curie, Winston Churchill, Ben Carson, and Rosa Parks who all overcame obstacles in order to persevere and see their dreams fulfilled (and then some!). So encouraging!
My favorite quote from this book was this:
“…make a fresh determination to pay the price of progress…” (p.65)
Highly recommended, especially if you’re feeling low and need a fresh burst of motivation. 😉
Rated: A+

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  1. I read Battlefield of the Mind a few years ago and it was sooo good. It helped me thru a difficult time in my life. I love Joyce Meyers! Thanks for the recommendation!

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