REVIEW: “Naturally Thin” by Bethenny Frankel


While this book teaches you the basics of non-dieting (eat only when hungry, eat what you love, pay attention, stop when satisfied, etc), there’s also a lot of ‘avoidance‘ mentality, too.
Even though Ms. Frankel is constantly encouraging you to eat what you want, and what your body needs, she also frequently mentions how she avoids this or that food, and suggests that you should “choose” to do the same if you want to be naturally thin.
Still a good book with a lot of great advice, but I just don’t agree with having to avoid foods, regardless. If you’re going to follow your hunger signals to be naturally thin, that’s all you need. I learned that through practical experience, so I know it’s true. 😉

4 Replies to “REVIEW: “Naturally Thin” by Bethenny Frankel”

  1. Yeah, I’ll take her “advise” with a grain of salt, but I love her (i.e. she makes me LAUGH!) on Housewives, so I may pick it up, just ’cause. 🙂

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