REVIEW: “The Life of Reilly” by Sue Civil-Brown


I was looking for a light, fluffy romance, when I picked this book, and I got that…and more!
Once again, I happened upon a book with a ton of religious content, and I hadn’t even intended to! Mind you, it’s not religious so much that people would be turned off by it — it’s not “preachy”.
An excellent book, with a lot of ‘science stuff’ that very nearly went over my head! LOL. But, the romance bits were perfect, and suited me fine — not too graphic, but definitely good. 🙂

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  1. The female main character was into Quantum Physics, so she often went off on tirades/lectures about science-type stuff.

    The male main character was a preacher. That’s where the “religious” stuff fit in. 🙂

  2. This is the second time this week that I’ve read a review of this book. I will try and get myself a copy from the publisher.

    Meanwhile, we have a backlog of reviews waiting to be publised.

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