REVIEW: “Feeding Your Appetites” by Stephen Arterburn

by Stephen Arterburn, and Dr. Debra Cherry

This book talks about anything we hunger for an excess of, be it money, sex, food, work, etc.

I mostly wanted to read this book because of my overeating. I’d hoped it would give me a plan for how to overcome that. And, it did… the “solution” the author presents is submission to God. When we give everything we are and have over to God’s complete and total control, He guides us into freedom from our out-of-control appetites, through complete satisfaction in Him.


Rated: B+

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  1. Bluestocking — Yes, I’ve tried keeping a food diary several times, and it never truly helps. Maybe a bit, but not enough. I really like for tracking my food intake, as it has the most comprehensive list of foods I’ve found, yet. But, I don’t use it all the time. Just when I need a general idea of where I could cut back. 😉


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