REVIEW: “From Clutter to Clarity” by Nancy Twigg


This book was a bit different from what I’d expected. I thought it’d have more to do with decluttering & organizing your house. Instead, it was more about dealing with the internal stuff that leads to the external clutter. The book’s premise is that clutter is a result of us not having our focus on Jesus, where it belongs. The “Clarity Principle” included is based off of Hebrews 12:1-2.
My favorite chapters were the first (on the “new definition of clutter”), and the one called “No is Not a Dirty Word” — about priorities. I have issues with time management, so that latter chapter was really relevant to me.
Overall, a pretty good book, and I’d recommend it.
Rated: B+

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  1. Very true, Bluestocking. But that’s just the point that the author is trying to make… that the home (and anything else) shouldn’t be an idol… Christ should be our primary focus and obsession. 😉 Otherwise you’re breaking one of the Ten Commandments that says, “You shall have no other gods before Me…“, right? 😉

    And, thanks, Beth! 😀 Those are flowers that I bought myself at a local greenhouse last week. They were too pretty to pass up! 😉

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