REVIEW: “Totally God’s” by Megan Clinton and Dr. Tim Clinton

totally_gods_clintonI found this book in my church library. And, while it’s written for teen girls, it still was a really great book! I brought it home to read it because it talked (on the back) about wanting to be loved and cherished, and about intimacy with God. Stuff I’m interested in. 😉

As the subtitle suggests, the book talked about faith (having a close, personal relationship with God), family, and friendships. Mostly, it was about relationships (in those 3 key areas), and how to deal with certain situations. My favorite part was where Megan encouraged the girls not to chase after boys, but to let the boys chase after THEM! She said that, if a boy isn’t willing to chase, then he isn’t someone who’s decisive enough, and won’t be worth your time and energy. Wait for someone who will want you enough to go after you. 😉

I also liked how Megan included advice from her “big brother”, Josh, and also advice from her Dad (who just happens to be a counselor). 😉 Good stuff all around, and I’d highly recommend this to any teenage girl.

Lastly, even though I’m no longer a teenager, I even found it really insightful to be reading this book as an adult… it was interesting to reflect back on my own teenage years, and see what Megan was saying, and how I either had lived up to / failed at what she suggested. Hindsight is definitely 20/20! This book might even be a great starting point for conversations between moms and their teen daughters — say, if the mom read it first, and then the daughter did, and then they talked about what they read. I think this book is really down-to-earth enough for something like that. 😀

PS… I thought it was so cool how Megan included bits about her relationship with her parents in this book. It’s obvious to the reader how much she loves and respects them, and even how much they love and respect her! She really seems to have a close relationship with both of them, and I envy that.

Rated: A-

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