REVIEW: “Christianity in Crisis: The 21st Century”

christianityincrisis_hanegraaffChristianity in Crisis: The 21st Century” by Hank Hanegraaff

Mr. Hanegraaff has written an accessible book detailing the “Word of Faith” (“name-it-and-claim-it“) movement and its “cast of characters“.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit uncomfortable while reading this book. Despite having prayed for a spirit of discernment both before & while reading, I still felt as though the author was, in some cases, taking quotes from these WoF participants out of context. Obviously, I’d have to do some research as to whether or not that was the case, but that’s just the feeling I got, now and then, while reading.

I also often felt that I was reading a sort of “tattletale”. Part of me felt bad for those who were being blacklisted in this book, even though I, in no way, agree with what they’re doing/preaching.

Either way, I do think this book is necessary. Those who don’t yet know about the “Word of Faith” movement will be very suprised at some of the names listed in here.

I especially found the included quotes from these “prosperity preachers” to be helpful as, if you know the Bible with any familiarity, their ridiculous claims are quite apparent.

Overall, I’d recommend this book, as I think more people need to be aware of those that claim to be Christians, and yet are leading others astray with their Scripture-twisting and other tactics.

Rated: C

Note: I haven’t quite finished reading this book… I skipped about 150 pages in the middle section, as I just couldn’t keep reading it… too much for me to stomach right now. Instead, I jumped ahead and read the last several chapters, and will go back and read the middle later on. For now, I feel that I’ve read enough to have written a decent review, and to have given my opinion.

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  1. The book proves that the message the “name-it-and-claim-it” folks is a fake… God isn’t limited by faith, He isn’t at our beck and call (meaning, we can’t tell Him what to do), and we can’t just speak things into existence in our life. Stuff like that.

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