REVIEW: “Apologetics for a New Generation”


Usually when people think of apologetics, they picture harsh, condemning folks who think only their way is right, and will beat you over the head with their viewpoint (and the Bible) until you’re converted.
This book gives a fresh, new approach based off of 1 Peter 3:15,16 which admonishes us to explain our hope in a “gentle and respectful way”.
Each chapter is written by a different apologist, and speaks to how we can engage others in apologetics without scaring them off. Some of the chapter topics include homosexuality, abortion, and how females fit into Christianity. There’s also a really great chapter about how parents are responsible for teaching their children about the basics of the Christian faith — not leaving that solely up to schools & churches.
I was a little concerned, when I first picked up this book, that it would too closely resemble the Emergent/Emerging Church movement, given some of the stuff on the back cover of the book. But, thankfully I found that most of this book confirmed the Bible’s inerrancy. I found nothing, really, to argue with here.
Yes, the book is a little on the “deep” side, but the message underneath is well worth the mental effort. 😉
Rated: B+

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  1. I tried to put this on hold at the library, but no luck. I’ll have to put it on the to-buy list, I guess.

  2. Carol — can you ask your library if they’d order a copy for their system? I do that a lot with my local library. If they don’t have a book I want, and if it’s been reviewed by Publisher’s Weekly, or Library Journal, I ask, and a lot of the times they’ll do it! 😀 That, or you could ask them to Interlibrary Loan a copy, but you might find them say “no” to that right now, as the book is brand new, and –at least in my own library system– they don’t ILLO new books. They have to be several months old.


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