REVIEW: “10 Things I Hate About Christianity”

10thingsihate_christianity_berggren10 Things I Hate About Christianity” by Jason T. Berggren

I really liked this book. It’s honest, raw, and gusty — even a little unconventional!

The author shares 10 different aspects of Christianity that he’s been uncomfortable with — that he really hates — and how he thinks they could be seen / done differently. Some of those include: faith, love, hell, sin, Christians, rules, and church. He is a Christian, but the whole “fake” Christian “faςade” thing really gets on his nerves. That’s what this book is about.

Definitely recommended!

Rated: A-

Edited to add:

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  1. Sorry to put this here but couldn’t find your email. Just wanted to email you this link. I just did an interview with ABC News. They are featuring me on an upcoming weekly show called “Beliefs” which will air in a month. I am on the premiere episode. Apparently, my book got their attention (who’d a thunk it?). Anyway, they also did a behind-the-scenes preinterview. I wanted you to see it.

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