REVIEW: For Men Only by Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn

4menonly_feldhahn(Part of the 2-book set, “For Couples Only“)

Book Description (from

Finally—You Can Understand Her!

Women: complicated and impossible to understand? Do you love and want to please the woman in your life, but just can’t seem to figure her out? That was before For Men Only. Now at your fingertips is the tool that will unlock the secret to her mysterious ways. Through hundreds of interviews and the results of a scientific national survey of women, this book demonstrates that women are actually not random and that they really can be systematized and “mapped.” In fact, much to men’s delight, this book shows that women are actually quite easy to understand and please—as long as you know what it is they need. This simple map will guide you to loving your wife or girlfriend in the way she needs to be loved.

My Review:

This was a hard book to read, if only because I found myself relating to so much of it! Parts of it had me saying to myself, “Do I really do that?!” But then I’d nod my head and think, “Yep, I do!” LOL. And, what I wouldn’t give for my man to know the stuff inside this book! 😛

If men could set aside their pride for just a little bit, and sink so “low” as to read a book about relationships, they could learn a lot from this tiny book. 😉

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  1. Well said. I won’t be able to get hubby to read this book but I highlighted parts I want him to know and will either make him read those or bring them up in converstaion, as I have already a few times. As I said in response to For Women Only, I reviewed these too.

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