REVIEW: Time Of My Life by Allison Winn Scotch

timeofmylife_scotch Jillian is a disgruntled, discontent housewife and mother, living a life full of what-ifs. When she goes to see her masseuse, though, she’s somehow transported back 7 years in time, to the time of her most powerful “what-ifs”.

Now, given a second chance at her life, Jillian has to decide whether she’ll take the same path she did the last time, or choose an entirely new future. But, what would the consequences be for choosing a new path — and not just for her, but for those around her?

Jillian learns that sometimes it isn’t our history that has gone “wrong” for us… it’s our interpretation of it.

Really good book that I had a hard time putting down (despite the foul-language used throughout).


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  1. Now that sounds intriguing- being given the choice to decide whether to follow the same path or change and how will it affect not only yourself, but other people. I added it to my amazon wishlist and added a note where I found it and why added it. Otherwise a couple months from now I’ll look at it, think why did I add this and delete it.

    Thanks for the review.


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