REVIEW: WW Tools For Living Companion


Weight Watchers’ Tools for Living Companion is a handy, little reference book that outlines their 8 “Tools for Living“:


Winning Outcomes
Empowering Beliefs
Mental Rehearsing
Motivating Strategy
…and Positive Self-Talking

I’d read about these before, and thought them to be really helpful. I’m glad to now own this book where I can reference back to these from time-to-time, and find inspiration!

Rated: B+

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  1. Hello Miz B – Have you read the WW Start Living, Start Losing? It is a collection of individual success stories that were very inspirational. I found a copy at the library.

  2. Book Psmith — I’ve skimmed through that book, but didn’t actually read it. I might still do so, some day, though. 🙂

    If you care to see all the weight loss /health / fitness books I’ve read, be sure to check out my Get Healthy Reviews blog! 😉


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