Review of “The Shack”

For those of you wishing to read my review of William P. Young’s THE SHACK, I’ve put it up on a temporary page at my other blog…

IT CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS, so do not go through the link if you don’t want some parts ‘ruined’ for you!

If you don’t care, you can CLICK HERE to go read the review. 😉

I haven’t spoiled all of the story… and the beginning of my review seems like it, but that’s only what’s on the back of the book. There are some other parts, though, that might take away the “shock factor” for you.

I included spoilers only because I felt that sometimes, when I want to know why a book is causing so much fuss, the only way to do so is to read it myself… and sometimes I don’t want to take the time… I just want someone to tell me. 😉 So, out of that place, I’ve provided just a couple small ones.

But, the impact of the book is still intact, if you ask me. There’s SO MUCH included in it, that what I “gave away” won’t thoroughly ruin the story — I wouldn’t disrespect an author like that.


I thought the book was written very poorly — I’ve definitely read better writing — and I don’t really understand all the “hype” surrounding the book. BUT, there was a lot of good “spiritual stuff” in there, and it provided lots of “food for thought”. So, in that respect, I gave the book a “C” rating — average. It was just ‘meh’, in my opinion. 😉

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