A.R.C. Reading Challenge

Challenge Dates: June 21st – September 21st, 2008

Well, I’m signing myself up for another reading challenge, but this is one I desperately need! I review for several different places, and have fallen WAY behind on most of my reviews. I have a stack of review books that has been sitting on my shelf, making me feel guilty for not getting them read. (

So, this is the perfect challenge — thank you, Teddy!

My list of books is as follows, with the person/company I’m reviewing it for in brackets ( ) after the title and author:

1. Informed Consent – Sandra Glahn (author)
2. Freefall – Kristin Heitzmann (Bethany House publishers)
3. Across the China Sea – C. Hope Flinchbaugh (Bethany House)
4. River Rising – Athol Dickson (Bethany House)
5. Mark of the Cross – Judith Pella (Bethany House)
6. Saving Alice – David Lewis (Bethany House)
7. Summer of Light – W. Dale Cramer (Bethany House)
8. Jacob’s List – Stephanie Grace Whitson (Bethany House)
9. The Secret Life of Becky Miller – Sharon Hinck (Bethany House)
10. Renovating Becky Miller – Sharon Hinck (Bethany House)
11. Letter Perfect – Cathy Marie Hake (Bethany House)
12. A Promise to Remember – Kathryn Cushman (Bethany House)
13. Making Peace with Your Mom – H. Norman Wright (Bethany House)
14. In Search of Eden – Linda Nichols (Bethany House)
15. Generation Next Parenting – Tricia Goyer (author)
16. Reclaiming Nick – Susan May Warren (author)
17. A Well-Behaved Woman’s Life – Susan McGeown (author)^
18. Merciless – Robin Parrish (Bethany House)^
19. Mozart’s Sister – Nancy Moser (Bethany House)
20. Outcasts of Skagaray – Andrew Clarke (author)^
21. Courting Trouble – Deanne Gist (Bethany House)
22. Beyond Me – Kathi Macias (blog tour)

((Scroll down to see my FINISHED BOOKS list!))

It’s embarrassing how many Bethany House books I have to review. But, see, I’d mentioned to my contact there that I can only handle about 2 books per month, as I’m not a really fast reviewer/reader. Then I got a new contact (’cause the other guy left), and then I got an influx of books because the new one didn’t know about how I can’t review that fast (or something like that). So I fell very far behind. Now I’m just reading them when I can.

With this challenge, though, hopefully I can catch up at least a little bit! D

The challenge asks that I read at least 4 books from my list of A.R.C’s, given that I have over 10 of them. And, that’s good. I’m actually hoping to read more than 4. But, I’m glad that the *minimum* I have to read for the challenge is only 4. That takes the pressure off. ;)

So, here’s to a ton of new reviews on my reviews blog soon! D

NOTE: ^ denotes books that are coming to me in the mail (not yet in my possession)


Since sometimes my strike-outs don’t work to show which books I’ve finished, here is what I’ve completed for this challenge, so far (with links to my reviews on my Reviews blog):
1. “A Well-Behaved Woman’s Life” by Susan McGeown
2. “Merciless” (Dominion Trilogy, book 3) by Robin Parrish
3. “Beyond Me: Living a You-First Life in a Me-First World” by Kathi Macias
4. “

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